Employment: Alertus Technologies provides advanced alerts for mass notification and crisis communication. Their products directly help a variety of organizations overcome communication challenges with potentially life-saving information from critical public emergencies to active panic buttons and more.

Background: Taught with a non-profit called Coding the Schools, focused on industry standard tools/techniques, delivering hands on experience in games, apps, unity development software to under-served and under-represented Baltimore City youth.

Why you’re Involved: “I like seeing kids discover they can be good at things they didn’t think they could, changing their potential into reality. Watching these kids rise is what makes it all make sense for me.”

STEM programs offer skill sets that give every kid what it takes to compete in school and later in life. I want kids have a real chance to apply to the good High Schools because success there will open doors throughout their lives for success.

Why it matters: It simply isn’t enough to fulfil just the current public-school requirements today because the system leaves students in a vacuum created by financial unbalance. If children in our community are to compete anywhere in the Work Force, they need so much more than they are getting today. STEP can fill in the gaps from where systemic practices of public schools end and the actual needs of individual students begin.

I want kids armed with tools that open opportunities throughout their lives. I want to Level the playing field regardless of where we come from. Pursing STEM studies is what gives everyone access by creating options for after school that protect, propel and inspire.

How STEM makes a difference: I believe education has to be more than memorizing facts, we want to make sure our kids are taught how to think independently so they can reach beyond limits or expectations. A STEM byproduct is the application to the problem-solving aspect of their life moving beyond academically into everyday life as well. That cannot be understated. Most importantly students engaged in STEM acquire skills needed to not just continue learning but teach themselves and be innovative with a focus on the future creating a generation of entrepreneurs.

“Ideas can become pathways that can be transformed into exceptional income. So, we aren’t just leveling the playing field – we are changing the game entirely.”


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