3 Core Goals at Synergy Academy


Provide hands-on STEM based experiences


Gain access to STEM-Based careers


Change LIVES & FUTURES by opening doors

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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About us

We're a team of educators, makers, engineers, and rocket scientists (yes, for real). Oh and by the way... Yes, we are super passionate about what we do!

Classroom lessons, plus the increasing time dedicated to prepare for high stakes tests, rarely give curious students a chance to do the science and engineering activities that captivate their interests in these subjects.

Synergy Academy is built from a belief in the importance of developing confidence. We believe this confidence helps kids think big and act like creators and producers.

Our programs foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills and familiarize students with the growing amount of (STEM) career options available. A high-quality (STEM) education is the foundation for opportunity.


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